Woojin Kim


2015-2019 Ewha Womans University, Fine Art, Painting, Ph.D, Seoul, Korea
2010-2012 Goldsmiths, University of London, Fine Art, MFA, London, UK
1995-1999 Ewha Womans University, Occidental Painting, BFA, Seoul, Korea

Solo show

2019 Scattered Islands, Alternative space Loop, Seoul, Korea (planned)
2017 Open Site, Brave New Exercise: Memorized Movement, Tokyo Art and Space Hongo, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Hidden Frame, Seongnam Art Center Cube Museum, Seongnam-si, Korea 
2016 Memories, Mite-Ugro, Gwangju, Korea
2015 Build Up, Media Theater Igong, Seoul, Korea
2014 Created Space, Dunedin School of Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
2013 WJ’s A Day, Jubilee Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

Group show and project

2018 Kotodama, Para-Site, Hong Kong
2018 The Art of Solitude, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
2018 Survival kit: emergency landing, gallery ooojh, Seoul, Korea (Z-A team project)
2018 AS_pedia Project vol2. In-EAST institute, Duisburg, Germany (AS_pedia team project)
2018 Active Filter, Goseak Newseum, Suwon, Korea
2018 Survival kit: Start of a forced landing, Seokyo Art Center, Seoul, Korea (Z-A team project)
2018 Move! Move! Move! Gallery 175, Seoul, Korea
2016 Open Studio, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Up Beat, Seoul Dance Center, Seoul, Korea
2015 AS_Pedia Project vol.1, Gallery Purple, Namyangju, Korea (AS_pedia team project)
2015 Soma Drawing, Mindful Mindless, Soma Museum, Seoul, Korea
2015 Koganecho Bazaar_ Art together with the town, Koganecho area, Yokohama, Japan
2015 Breathing House Project2, Thinking, Kimi Art, Seoul, Korea
2015 Ex-Air, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul, Workshop Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 The Art of Space +Light, Ieyoung Museum, Yongin, Korea
2015 International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan 2015, Ulsan Culture Street, Ulsan, Korea
2015 Exhibition network in Mulle, Created Space_Grey Zone, Project space Jungdabang, Seoul, Korea
2015 Open Studio 10, MMCA Goyang residency, Goyang, Korea
2014 Sugar Apple Daegu, Daegu Young Art Project ’14, EXCO, Daegu, Korea
2014 Jeok Jae Jeok So, Goyang Residency Gallery, Gyeonggi –do, Korea
2014 59.15%/yr, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul, Workshop Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Baudy’s Language, Space Zero, Seoul, Korea
2014 INTRO, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul, Workshop Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Belt Project Artist Show, Created Space, Gallery Space 15th, Seoul, Korea 
2013 World Heritage Project Archive, Dream Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Open West I, Newark Park, Glostershire, UK
2013 The Open West II, Cheltenham Art Gallery, Cheltenham, UK
2013 Made in Korea_ 6th World Heritage Project, Hwa Seong Museum, Suwon, Korea
2012 Now X Here, Korea Culture Center UK, London, UK
2012 To Remain, Hanmi Gallery, London, UK
2012 MFA Degree Show, Goldsmith College, London, UK
2011 The Second Attempt to Phaneterglo, Arthouse, London, UK


2017-2019 Kumho residency, Kumho Museum, Ichen, Korea (Support)
2018 MMCA Changdong residency project team, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Korea (Z-A team project/ Project grant)
2016 Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan (Mite-Ugro exchange, Grant)
2016 Soulangah Studio, Tainan, Taiwan (Bamboo Studio exchange, Support)
2015 Koganecho Artist in Residence, Yokohama, Japan (Mite-Ugro exchange, Grant)
2014-15 MMCA Goyang residency, Goyang, Korea (Support)
2014 Artist in Residence in Dunedin School of Art, Asia New Zealand Foundation, New Zealand (Goyang residency exchange, Grant)

Award/ Grant

2019 Visual Art Grant, Seoul Art and Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2018 Gyeonggi-do Art Council international exchange grant, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2018 So Aek Da Com grant(support art experiment grant), Seoul Cultural Foundation, Korea  (Z-A project)
2018 ARKO international exchange grant, Korea Art Council, Korea (AS_pedia project)
2017 OPEN SITE, selected artist grant, Tokyo Art and Space, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Selected emerging  artist grant, Seongnam Art Council
2015 Selected by Byel Byel project grant, Gyeonggi Art Foundation (AS_pedia project)
2014 Belt Project Finalist, Seoul, Korea (Winner of moving images)
2014 Drawing Center in SOMA Museum artist registry, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Open West, Finalist, Cheltenham, UK
2012 Korean Culture Centre UK Young artists open call, Finalist, London, UK