40 Martyrs

작업  인물들은 특정한  런던의  거리를 걸으며 찍은 인물들의 얼굴이거나혹은 인터넷에서  People+London’이라는 키워드로 찾은 인물들이다.
설치 형식 때문에 관객은 바닥에 놓인 인물들을 처음에는 하나의 군중으로 이해할 것이다. 유리와 흰색잉크의 성격 때문에 인물들은 관람객이  있는 위치에 따라 네가티브와 포지티브로 달리 보인다
주어진 동선에 따라 돌다보면 이러한 특성때문에 개개의 인물들이 눈에 들어오게 되고, 그들에게 시선을 옮기게 된다.

There are some groups of people. How do you consider the people in the group?  As a part of a group or individual? Most people would recognize the individuals in the group as a part of that. And people would regard they know them. However, individuals have their own characters and stories. And we should consider and respect that. This work starts from this point.
I use the portrait images, which are taken a photo on a certain day in London, or found in the Internet with the keywords ‘People+London’. 
At first, the viewers would consider the people in the black frames as a crowd, because of the way of installation. Due to the character of the white ink on glasses, portrait images change to positive or negative images depending on where viewers standing.  Thus, by walking around that, the viewers are able to start watching the individuals and focus on them.

'40 Martyrs', screen print on glass, acrylic on MDF, 32x32(cm) each, dimensions variable, 2012