Knocking on Heaven's Door

‘위에 무엇이 있을지 모르니 행동하시오’라는 지시어를 각가의 사람들에게 주고 이에 대한 반응을 촬영편집한 것이다.
무엇인가를 잡으려는 모습은 어쩌면 인간의 본능욕망일 것이다.
점프하는 사람들은 무엇을 잡으려 뛰나 천정에 닿을 수 없고사람들의 무리에 들어가려는 사람은 무리와 분리된다. 그들의 욕망은 좌절되지만 사람들은 끊임없이 갈망한다.

It is the actors’ reaction of the direction “Act, as if there is something on the ceiling.” I gave the direction to the actors and filmed each by each. Except very few, almost all actors jump and try to grab something, responding the direction. This would come from the human being’s instinct: desire. People jump toward the ceiling to catch something, but they cannot even touch the ceiling. And the person, who knocks the wall to enter the group of the jumping people, is separated from the group, because of the corner. (Video is screening on the bottom corner.) Although their desire is frustrated, people endlessly crave.

Installation view @ Korean culture center U.K, London, U.K., 2012

Knocking on Heaven’s DoorSingle channel video installation, 3’30”,2012