사람들이 걸어간다그러나 그것은 누군가를 따라가는 맹목적인 걸음이다.
그 끝이 어디인지 모른채 사람들은 걸어간다. 우리가 의심없이 따르는 어떤 것이 사실은 우리를 벼랑으로 몰고 있는 것일 수도 있지 않을까?
영상의 마지막 장면과 비슷한 공간에 들어온 관객은 영상 안의 인물처럼 행동을 하게 된다.
관람객이 영상 속 인물이 되는 듯한 느낌을 주는 것을 통해, 질문을 던지고자 하였다.

The people in the film are walking. However, it seems that they don’t know where they are going. They are walking without knowing whom they follow or where they go. With this image, I would like to give a question that something, we following without doubting, would make us go wrong ways.
The viewers act like the people in the last scene, since the monitor with film places in a similar space to the last scene. (The viewers would sit on the placed cushion or bench.) As a result of the way of installation, viewers would feel they are one of the people in the film. With this, I would like to make the conversation about this topic. “Can you trust something that you think truth?”

'Drop', single channel video, video installation, 1’ 38”, 2011